Ace of Wands 

Your Kitty thinks you are exciting, creative, and always open to new opportunities.


He/She likes to be around you and involved in the things you are doing, even though sometimes you need some time alone, kitty likes to be involved, possibly even walking over the keyboard or pawing at your phone while you are reading this!


You are a great match and kitty loves being with you, he/she never knows what you are going to do next, but whatever your next adventure is, kitty will be by your side. 

Kitty's message for you today is don't let the good ideas and your unique inspiration go to waste, use them to create something tangible, perhaps you have a new work idea, or creative venture that you are planning? Kitty would love for you to take some action on this and follow the inspiration and guidance that you are receiving. 

Haven't received any inspiration yet? You soon will, and your kitty wants you to know that he/she is helping you, just by being around you and by your side. 

Lots of Meowws and Purrrsss, 

Your Kitty x

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