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I make no secret of my love of all animals and the fact that I simply adore cats. 

 I am a Reiki Master as well as a Natural Healer, however, I've found that most cats love the natural touch best. In my experience the Reiki energy can be a little too overwhelming/powerful for some cats. 

I've four cats of my own, one a rescue cat and the others are strays that I have adopted. 

Their names are Poppy (Poppins), Thomas (Tommy), Arthur (He just likes to be called Arthur!) and Ebonie (Ebbins). Each of my cats receive Natural Healing on a regular basis and love it!. 

How do I know they love it? 

Well, if you know cats, you'll know when they are totally relaxed, purring, laying on their backs exposing their belly's and if you look carefully you can see them smile, yes really, the corners of their mouths go up, just like humans. 

I send distant healing out to all cats and their humans (or should I say slaves, tee hee!) that are on my distant healing list at least 3 times each week. 

If you would love to have your feline friend (or friends) added to the healing list (This is a complimentary/no fee service that I offer) then just fill in your details below and click on 'Please add me to the list' and that's it, just relax and enjoy, simple!

 Natural Distant Healing helps to aid and promote relaxation,

a greater sense of well-being and helps to balance the energetic system. 




If you would like to be removed from the healing list at any time all you would need to do is email me, Heather, at: and I will remove you immediately. 


Please note that Distant Healing is a complementary therapy and should NEVER in any circumstances replace good veterinary care. If you are in any doubt as to the well being of your furry friend then please, in the very first instance refer to your vet for advice and treatment.

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