What To Do When Shift Happens

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Life changes can happen at any time.

Changes such as unemployment, endings of relationships, family, friends or financial changes can pop up right out of the blue and what I’ve found is that when they do it’s usually when you’re least expecting it and, least prepared for it!

It can feel as though you are being forced away from what’s comfortable and that you don’t have any choices. But you do have a choice, you can choose to see the change as an opportunity and a challenge rather than something that’s painful.

“There’s one thing in life that's certain, things will always change”

It can be upsetting, difficult, and a struggle to keep emotions together. There may also be a feeling of resistance that comes up, especially if you felt quite happy with your life as it was. And yet you feel as though you’re on this roller coaster now and can’t get off until the end, you just don’t know what or where the end is.

How do you survive events like this?

Well, believe me, I’ve had my fair share of events that have come at me out of the blue and I’ve found that dealing with them really comes down to a shift in MINDSET.

My belief is that certain things in our lives are pre-destined, but what you do with the circumstances or the hand you have been dealt in life is the free will part.

So what if, when things seem to come at you from out of the blue we looked at them in a different way?

How about thinking that this could be one of those times that is pre-destined, a time to shift up a gear or to try something new in life.

What if unless you got a big ole kick up the back side from the universe to make you shift gears you may have likely stayed where you where or doing what you are doing because it’s started to feel comfy even though it may not be the best possible thing for you and something better was waiting for you to come and claim it.

Perhaps that job you had gotten comfy in was OK, but it wasn’t the best use of your talents, or perhaps that relationship you were in was OK and yet there is someone out there who is so much better suited to you. Do you see where I’m going with this?

So looking at things that way, instead of being fearful of what is happening, and thinking that your life is out of control think to yourself instead that the universe knows what it’s doing and it’s taking you into the next chapter of your life How cool is that?

All you have to do now is just buckle up and ‘enjoy’ the ride instead of being fearful of it. Know that wherever you eventually ‘land’ it will be better than you were before, and that if you keep making good choices

throughout the journey, well, you can’t really go wrong..

Feeling better yet… GREAT!

“Enjoy the ride”

Till next time...


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