Why Having A Balanced Life Is Important

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

What I’ve noticed when my life is in balance:

  • I’m happier,

  • I’m in the flow of life and synchronicities happen

  • I’m more productive

  • I’m more creative

  • I have more energy

  • I’m able to sleep better

  • I’m more focused

  • I’m more resilient

On the other hand when I’m not in flow, and life isn’t so balanced, the simplest thing seems like an uphill struggle, life seems to be one step forwards and ten steps back, I feel drained, emotional, unmotivated and in need of a huge bar of chocolate… constantly!

It’s an ongoing process to re-organise your life and create more balance but by making small adjustments here and there and more importantly recognising that you are out of balance you can totally take control quickly and easily.

All scientific evidence points to that fact that we are constantly creating the reality in which we find ourselves. So, that being said if your internal world is imbalanced (feelings and emotions) then it’s highly likely that this will manifest in your external world and be presented to you as situations that constantly throw you off balance too.

One sign for me when I’m getting out of balance with my life is that I constantly fall over… I trip over carpets, over kerbs, you name it, if I can fall or trip over it I will, in those moments I completely lose balance externally.

For me that is a sign from the universe that some quick re-balancing is needed in my life.

The trick though is to find out what part of your life is out of balance.

Is it your health? Maybe you haven’t got time to fix yourself a healthy meal at the end of the day and have just been making do on takeaways. Or, perhaps you’re not turning the computer off in plenty of time before bed to give your brain a rest?

It could be that you’re surrounded by people demanding your attention and you’re not able to give any time to yourself just to re-charge your batteries?

Have a think, which one area of your life needs to be brought back to balance, and then think of one thing you can do just to adjust those inner scales.

Here’s a great question you can ask yourself if you begin to feel the effects of being out of balance:

“Is this something I must do now, or can it wait”

...and then answer the question truthfully, not just a knee jerk reaction of yes. Because most often times the things we think ‘need’ doing can really wait, and not only that the beauty of it is that when we wait and reschedule the task we are more in balance, and come at it from a more positive perspective, it gets done quicker and not only that we enjoy it.

So try the question yourself, obviously there will be times when the answer is no and the task in hand needs doing, but in the moments when you can hand on heart say, “ Yes – this can wait” go and do something that will balance you out.

For example if you've not being able to take time for yourself go do it now, go take that long bath with candles and incense that you’ve been promising yourself, or go read the book and sit in the garden.

If you‘ve been spending too much time on the computer, go for a walk, meet friends for coffee or do a little retail therapy. Perhaps you’ve been overindulging on chocolate cake (who doesn’t!) no problemo… just decide in that moment to take control and do a detox of just simply plan some healthier meals.

Whatever it is, you can turn it around but only when you recognise it… and the best way to recognise it is by knowing your own signs for when you are out of balance, how do you feel? How is life, does it feel like an uphill struggle? Are you not getting things done? Has your sleep pattern gone…? What are your external signs that internally things have gotten out of balance?

My challenge to you is to try the question over the next 10 days, see how many things in your life you really have to do and how many you can reschedule, look at ways to re-balance your inner scales and then do it .

You deserve this!

When you are healthy and balanced in yourself you have much more energy to help others, so not only are you doing this for you but ultimately you will be helping those you care about too.

Let me know how you get on, what are your signs that you’re out of balance and what are you going to do to re-set those scales.

Till next time …

H x

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