Please Give Me A Sign!?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

How many times have you said that into thin air? - Perhaps in times of desperation, when stuck at the crossroads of life and not knowing which way to go, or perhaps when life itself has just plain and simply got too much for you.

We look to the heavens for some kind of sign of what to do next, how to proceed forwards.

I’m curious though, when you do look up, is there a sign?

I know for me, there usually isn’t, and to be honest if there were a sign up in the sky saying “Ok Heather, what you need to do next is….” I would be shocked, to say the least, particularly if it were a flashing neon sign with sky blue pink lights…

But, joking aside we all have this in built knowing that there is most definitely something more to this life and that someone ‘up there’ will somehow hear us in our times of need.

I’ve had many extraordinary experiences over the years where I have felt some kind of divine intervention happening in my life. It feels as though someone is guiding me in the right direction, and, during those times I have also felt an incredible sense of peace too.

In my experience, when I’ve asked for guidance or for the next step to take, the answer has come clearly, non-ambiguously and in no uncertain terms. Because even though the ‘voice’ of spirit is soft and gentle, it is also steadfast. It's solid and it feels safe.

"If you ask for guidance from spirit and the answer you get is a bit fluffy, or ambiguous, then it’s not from spirit. That is your own mind playing tricks on you".

Many times I’ve asked for an answer to something and the answer has come to me before I’ve even finished the question. That’s the difference between your own mind answering you and spirit answering you. You see, ‘they’ already know the question you are going to ask. The challenge lies in knowing how to receive the information.

Receiving information from spirit is different for everyone, we are all unique and we all have our own way of ‘tuning’ in. Some people will receive guidance when they are relaxing, some people can receive information when they are in the midst of a busy day, some when they are just waking up and some when they are just falling asleep, some will receive the information immediately as I mentioned earlier. The thing is it doesn’t really matter when you get the information but how you get it.

Always remember that guidance from spirit is a strong sensing, either seeing, feeling or hearing. For some people it can be just a strong ‘knowing’ of what to do, and for others they may just have a ‘thought’ that runs through their mind that doesn’t seem to belong to them but nevertheless it comes to them ‘loud and clear’ for others they may actually ‘hear’ the words being spoken.

So when you next look up into the sky’s and ask for help, remember, you will get it, as long as you are open to it and also know how to differentiate it from your own mind chatter.

Till next time ...

H x

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