The Power of Beliefs

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

I was thinking the other day how many of us try to challenge external circumstance which are in fact just a reflection of internal beliefs that are likely to be unconscious/subconscious.

If that sounds like a bit of a mouthful let me give you an example:

When I first started working with clients many years ago, a lady I was working with complained that no one listened to her.

“Everyone ignores me” was her constant lament.

Now, bear in mind this lady was highly intelligent, very personable, and had a great sense of humour so on the surface it didn’t make much sense, but yet she was adamant, “people keep ignoring me” she kept saying.

I asked her to give me an instance of this happening. One example she gave me was at work, she worked in an office environment and at break times along with many of her colleagues she would go outside. They would all be chatting away and yet she said that once she started to talk everyone would start to talk over her, they didn’t listen to what she had to say, and it felt to her as though she may well just not be there. In meetings she said it was the same, no one ‘really listened’ to her opinion she told me.

I could tell it was getting her down, and yet I couldn’t really understand it or exactly what was happening until I starting learning about how our external world reflects our internal one; or as some may have heard the saying ‘As within, so without’.

Many of the circumstances of our lives are just a mirror, reflecting back to us strong internal and mostly subconscious beliefs. So basically, to put in simpler terms, on an internal level this lady, was in fact ignoring herself and her own needs, not thinking she was good enough to be heard, and then life, as life does was ‘reflecting’ back to her those subconscious beliefs in the form of people and circumstances in her life.

It may seem a bit mean of the universe to do this to us, but on the spiritual level this is what happens, we are presented with challenges such as these which are reflected to us, to give us the opportunity to learn, grown and ultimately transform.

I mentioned this to her and asked her what she could be ignoring about herself, where in her life did ‘she’ think she didn’t deserve to be heard, how did she genuinely think about herself.

It came to light during our session, that after a failed relationship she had lost her confidence and her self esteem had took a nose dive, she didn’t feel worthy of love anymore and that on the ‘inside’ she didn’t feel as though she had much to offer anyone.


And there we had it, her internal thoughts and beliefs about herself were drawing to her situations in life externally that would mirror her internal beliefs. Once she realised this she knew she had to go to work on herself. She couldn’t change the beliefs of the people external to her and no matter what she said they would still pick up energetically on the strongly held beliefs she held about herself and reflect those back to her, so she started working on herself.

Another spiritual saying you may have heard ‘Know Thyself’ – When we know ourselves completely, our strengths, weaknesses, everything. The world and the situations that come to us make much more sense, we can understand how many of the challenges in our lives are just reflections of strongly held subconscious beliefs.

My client started to enjoy her own company, she would journal every day and work through her feelings about herself, what she loved and how she could contribute to the world, her work and her closest relationships in a positive way. With much soul searching and hard work on her part I’m happy to say that over the months that followed her life did in fact transform.

People stopped ignoring her and she found interactions with people more engaging and balanced. Her new internal world was reflected in her outer world, those strongly held negative beliefs she held about herself no longer imprisoned her, she was free!

So my challenge to you this week, is to look at the patterns in your life, the things that keep repeating themselves, make a note of them and them take a look inside so see how your internal beliefs may in fact be drawing those situations to you in order to be healed.

Till next time...

H x

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