What to do When You Haven't Got Time to be Creative

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

What to do when you haven’t got time to be creative?…

What is creativity anyhow?

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and in some way valuable is created (such as an idea, a joke, a literary work, painting or musical composition, a solution, an invention etc).

Creativity can also be defined "as the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile" or "characterised by originality and expressiveness and imaginative".

NB: As defined in wikipedia

As you can see by the language in wikipedia used to describe ‘creativity’, it is a highly right brained activity, the intuitive side of our brains is where creativity usually originates from, and this side is also the feminine side of our brains,..

When we are too busy in life, counting facts and figures, analysing and working things out, stressing, following procedures and patterns and time scales and time frames, it is easy to see how quickly creativity can be lost,.. the part of our brain that generates it, has been overlooked in all of the day to day madness and frantic to-ing and fro-ing.

It happens doesn’t it,.. we have good intentions, we plan to write the blog, get the outline done for the e-course, webinar, fill in the blank, but somehow, ‘life’ doesn’t ‘give’ us the time…

So what do we do?… we steal the time that’s what we do!

It’s ok, it isn’t as dramatic as It sounds, but basically, in life, there are things we ‘have’ to do, maybe we have child care responsibilities, one or two places of work that take our attention and we feel so tired that creativity and that feminine side of us just goes out of the window, but we still crave that moment of creativity,.. of genius that we know is inside of us just waiting to come out..

To keep our lives balanced, it’s so important to have time for reflection, for growth and for creativity, when we don’t have an outlet, or time for this aspect of ourselves we become frustrated with life, stressed, angry, tired, and life feels out of kilter, and as though something is missing.

So how do we access it when there seems to be so much to do?

1) Allow the creative energy that is in us to surface whenever it wants to, we can do this by setting the intention, that as long as we are open to opportunities and to life,.. the creative energy will surface in moments of ‘aha’, when you are least expecting it.

By just ‘knowing’ this to be the case and believing it to be the case we allow for it to actually manifest and happen.. by allowing, we leave the floodgates open for intuition/creativity to flow, whenever the moment is right ..

So always be prepared for those moments with a pen and paper to hand to write down ideas and any inspiration that comes to you. That way when the moment arrives you can capture the idea on paper to re-visit at a later time.

2) Set aside 15 mins to write.. yep, you got it, I know, I know, you’re thinking but, I haven’t got 15 minutes… well I’m here to tell you , that you have.. it’s easy, just set your alarm clock 15 minutes early.. simples.

Then pick up that pen and paper, and write, and write and write… try to tap into your emotions, write whatever you ‘feel’ the most, write whatever ‘feels’ right, and then when you have gotten past all the emotion write some more.. anything, it doesn’t matter..

The reason for doing this is to clear the way for intuition and creativity, you are allowing all those things that need to be expressed to have a voice, on the paper.. which in turn creates space for intuition, clarity and creativity to come forward throughout the day in the form of subtle signs , images and feelings.

When we are so bunged up with unexpressed feelings and emotions it acts as a kind of plug and blocks the way for intuition and creativity to flow.

Try it 15 mins a day for 30 days, feel the difference, let your ‘feelings’ have a voice. It is two-fold really, doing this is a huge act of self care, because not only are you feeling those emotions you are acknowledging them too, and this prevents them from rearing their head at a later date when you least expect them.

Those times when you burst into tears for no reason.. that’s unexpressed emotions, crying out to be heard literally, so get them on paper, acknowledge them and allow yourself to move forwards.

3) Stop worrying! Worry creates a block, a great big old blog that will stop any creativity in its tracks no matter how strong it is.. when we worry we tap into the most negative side of creativity and start to manifest in our lives the things that we constantly worry, think and dwell on ..

So when you start to worry, STOP! Immediately, because as the old saying goes, what you focus on grows, and we certainly don’t want any worries to grow… always, always think about the things you want , rather than the things you don’t want.

It can be difficult to start off with, but you will soon find that you catch yourself as you descend into the gloom of worry, and then it’s a simple case of shifting your focus to something else, something that makes you smile.

There’s your 3 easy steps to creating creativity when none seems to be apparent.. when you do this on a regular basis, tapping into your creative energy becomes easy, it’s like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it grows.

Till next time...

H x

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