How to Eliminate Struggle From Your Life

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Do you always feel as though you are swimming against the tide? If you do, it could be that you’re not aligning to your higher self, that’s the part of you that just 'knows' the path to take to lead you where you want to be in the best way possible for you.

Now, this path may not be the path you think it should be, and the route you take may be the longer way round, but if you connect to your higher self, that inner wisdom and those inner whispers then what you will find is a life that is in flow.

So, what does in flow mean?

When your life is in flow synchronicities happen, you meet the right people at the right time, the right opportunities show up in the right way, you see a piece of information that you need to take you on the next step of your journey, and best of all, it happens so easily. Nothing is forced, it’s effortless.

When struggle enters your life and you feel as though you are constantly pushing and shoving and fighting against an invisible enemy, it’s usually a sign that your life isn’t in flow, struggle isn’t the natural way of the universe.

When you feel frazzled and you’re having to push and shove your way through life, it’s a sign to take a step back. Pushing and shoving and striving is exhausting and it’s also a very mental process too, in that you are having to ‘think’ constantly of your next step, your next move and life becomes a game of chess instead of just a dance.

Here’s a tip…Take a moment just to think, what is it you’re striving for.. what is it that your struggle is meant to achieve for you, and then, here’s the magic part, just visualise yourself already having it, imagine that what you are striving for has already happened, and see, feel and sense how it would be, then …


Trust the universe will deliver to you exactly what you want in exactly the right way at exactly the right time, because it will. You’re only job, is to listen to the whispers, the gentle nudges from your higher self to take inspired action at the right time.. and that’s it.

Energetically it’s worth noting that when we hold the energy vibration of wanting something it will actually push away from us that which we desire. In effect the universe will keep us in that state of wanting, so shift your energy, shift your vibration to that have already having received, and also the vibration of gratefulness, and then watch as the magic happens.

Here’s an example: Have you ever known someone who just so wants to be in a relationship, but the more they want it the less they have it? And then, one day they just say, “Do you know what, I just want to be single, I’ve had enough” … and within the week, they meet 3 potential partners! … It’s called the 3 bus syndrome, no buses for hours and then 3 at once ;o)

It’s an example but it’s a true representation of how the universe works, the more you want and strive, the more in a state of wanting you stay, as soon as you ‘let go’ what you want will automatically find you.

Give this a go in your own life, release the struggle, know what you want, have a clear picture, and then release and trust that it will show up in your life, in the meantime just enjoy the dance!

Till next time...

H x

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