What If

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

What if …Where you are now in your life is exactly where you are meant to be?

What if … The challenges you have had in your life were ‘supposed’ to happen.. to make you stronger, to help bring an awareness to the lessons your soul needs this time around?

What if you are stronger than you think?

What if… you can easily handle the challenges life throws at you ?

What if you can help others through the situations you have already gone through?

What if your life is an inspiration to others and helps them to get through their own challenges?

What if you can heal your life by loving yourself quirks ‘an all?

What if it’s true that what you resist will persist.. what would you stop resisting..what would you start accepting…?

What if you stop worrying about tomorrow, next week, next year,… how would you feel without the heaviness of worry on your shoulders?

What would you be able to do instead of worry, how much time would you free up in your life if that time wasn’t devoted to worry anymore?

How would your life look then?

What if 99% of those things you worry about NEVER happen, check it out, experiment, what things did you worry about yesterday, did any of them happen? What about last week, did any of those worries happen?

What if you focused on what you wanted instead of what you didn’t want.. would you feel lighter, happier, more motivated… ?

What if you decided to give it a go just for 1 week, 1 month.. a year perhaps.. what if from now on you didn’t worry, what if from now on you focused on the good in your life, the happiness and the blessings.

What if you thanked ‘worry’ but also told it you didn’t ‘need’ it in your life anymore… what would happen then, …?

My challenge to you this month...

1) Recognise the blessings in your life, name them, write them down..

2) Give thanks for all of your challenges, they have made you into the person you are, stronger, wiser perhaps, more compassionate..

3) Release the past, just for today let it go.. focus on the present moment, the now

4) Release worry just for today .. then perhaps 2 days.. see how you go.

Till next time...

H x

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