What To Do When Anger Strikes

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

There are many quotes out there on anger but I like this one it really resonates.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned” - Buddha

Sometimes the emotion of anger can feel as though it’s just appeared out of nowhere, it can consume us, if we let it, and yet it is such a destructive emotion that it begs the question, why allow it into our lives..

Does the emotion of anger serve a purpose?

I believe the emotion of anger does serve a purpose particularly when handled in a constructive rather than destructive way.

It seems to come out of nowhere, but like all emotions it is created through our thoughts. The emotion of anger has likely been brewing for a while below the surface in the subconscious. It may even have originated many years ago from a situation that was left unresolved or a situation that perhaps you were too young at the time to have any real positive input into.. so the emotion didn’t get released and therefore didn’t get healed.

Emotions get stronger and stronger the more you ignore them.. when you focus, acknowledge and get curious.. it takes the sting out of them.

Here’s something I’d like you to try ..when you feel the emotion of anger, allow it to surface don’t try to suppress it.

Allow it to surface as a ‘part’ of you and get curious about its purpose. Acknowledge the feeling and just ask yourself what has happened or what am I thinking about to make me have this emotional response.

Then dig a little deeper, and ask another question, what is it particularly about that situation or person that is causing anger. Is it perhaps a feeling of loss of control, does the situation make you feel ‘less than’ in some way. Perhaps it’s making you feel unappreciated. Whatever the reason is keep asking until you get just the one reason for the anger.

When we dig deeper with emotions and get curious about them it really does lessen their control over us and we can see them as a call to action instead of something that throws us off balance.

Perhaps your anger is that you don’t feel appreciated in your work, and this call to action is the emotional signal to start looking for something new.

Perhaps the people around you are taking you for granted and the anger is your call to action to set some boundaries.

Whatever the call to action is, take the first step,.. the anger you are feeling is just a way to get your attention.. all emotions are results of our thoughts. Once you can access the thought that caused the emotion you are well on your way to changing it.

When you can thank anger for its lessons and guidance you are truly on your way to being empowered, rather than at the mercy of fleeting emotions and knee jerk reactions.

All emotions serve a purpose, it’s just a case of sitting with them, getting curious and then taking action to make positive changes.

Till next time...

H x

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