Have You Ever Had a Conversation Like This? ...

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

“Do you know thingymibob, from whatsit that does.. erm the thingies..”

It’s one of those moments when your mind goes totally blank and you can’t remember your own name let alone anyone else’s.. and the frustrating thing is the more you try to think the less you can recall.

I know I have on more than one occasion.

But here’s the odd thing, have you noticed what happens when you stop thinking.. the name suddenly pops up out of nowhere!...

Well consider this, that little phenonmenom that happens there can happen in other areas of your life too, like when your trying to plan ahead or think of an idea, or when you just want to be creative, all of a sudden your mind goes blank..

So what to do …?

I’ve found a good way around this little brain slip is to set intentions.. so instead of trying to think of a plan all the way through to completion, you just set the intention, the fact that you want to create, or plan or whatever it is you would like to do,.. set the intention and say to yourself, right, what I would like to do is… “X, Y & Z or something better” and then … just ‘forget’ about it..

By just setting the intention, your brain is now alerted to what you want to achieve, and will set to work behind the scenes to provide the answer for you, just like it does when your trying to remember someones name and can’t.

You will likely find that in the most inopportune moment it springs the answer at you .. so be ready!

So this week, it’s all about intentions, what intentions are you going to set, … and be ready for the solution, it may not be what you think it ‘should’ be and it could well be better than what you ever thought..

Till next time...

H x

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