Being Miss Marple

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I love mystery films, I always have, and one of my favourites is Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. I guess I fancy myself as a knitting needle weilding amateur detective solving puzzles and just plain old ‘getting to the bottom of things’.

My nature as an Empath

always flags up to me inconsistancies in life and things that just don’t sit right and my inner ‘Miss Marple’ goes to work trying to solve the puzzle.

I love trying to solve things, make things better, and find out why things don’t work and It’s this part of me that really helps in my work with clients and over the years has helped me on my own journey to grow, develop and become a better version of myself.

So, what if I was to tell you that life gives you clues to help you, to guide you along your path, it gives you signs, synchronicitys and sometimes flat out ‘wake up’ calls.

The trick is to notice them, be aware of them, and ultimately act on them .

Let me give you an example.

Many years ago, I worked from home for a company and I was starting to wonder if perhaps there was another path I should take, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my role anymore, my passion for the job had taken a taxi some place else many months beforehand and I was feeling pretty stuck and miserable.

The decision to leave seemed overwhelming and I seemed unable to make a decision, I couldn’t work out if I was to leave or stay. Over and over I would think about it and at the end of much deliberation I always seemed to come to the conclusion that I didn’t really know and that I should just stay put.

However, life had other plans for me and here’s what happened over a period of a few months.

My computer screen started flickering off and on randomly and becoming increasingly unreliable.

My keyboard stopped working I bought a new one.

My mouse stopped working, I bought a new one.

My broadband connection started fluctuating wildly and yet still, I didn’t get the message…

…Until finally, I went to sit down one day and one of the castors on my chair fell off, I fell to the side, landed on the floor and bumped my head.

I looked up in the vague directions of the heavens and declared “I get it, I get it!”

Life was giving me clues and I’d been ignoring them.

What I’ve found is that the clues start off small, making life a little uncomfortable to start off with, and if you get the message at that point great, but if you don’t, the messages get stronger and stronger, until you ‘take notice’.

I did leave the job, I felt much happier and it turned out one of the best decisions I ever (okay, me and the universe ever) made.

So, watch for the clues, be your own Miss Marple, or Sherlock Holmes. If life is causing you emotional pain to get your attention, look to what it is trying to show you, what needs to change in your life?

Don’t wait, like I did until life switches from giving you emotional pain to actual physical pain, with a bruised back and bump on the head. I guess the logic was that it was trying to knock some sense into me!

Until next time…

H x

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