Why, What and How

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I’ve been thinking about the questions we ask ourselves lately.

I love questions, children ask lots of questions, Why does… ?, What is…? How can…? and “But Whyyyyy...?”

The thing is I never stopped asking questions. I continued on and that lead me on a quest for knowledge about the Spiritual aspects of life that are not easily seen or understood unless you start digging a little deeper.

What occurred to me today though, is how the questions we ask ourselves can be either Empowering or Dis-Empowering.

I used to ask a lot of ‘Why’ questions… “Why did that happen…?” “What caused this situation…?” “Why is X, Y, or Z always happening…? “ and as with all questions we ask the answer eventually comes to us.

But, I found that the answers to my ‘Why’ questions didn’t really empower me, they put my focus on what was wrong rather than what was right. So for example if I asked a question about why something that I perceived to be bad had happened, I would get all the reasons why it was bad.. and that was ok, it helped me to understand why, but then what?

So I started to ask a better question, instead of asking ‘Why’ I started asking ‘What’. For example, “What can I do to turn this around…?”, “What can I do to make this better…”? and so instead of getting answers that only served to keep me in a perpetual cycle of negativity, I started getting answers to improve the situations I was asking about and to make them better.

Another question I like is ‘How’ .. so an example is “How can I turn this situation around”, “How can I make this better”..

Do you see the difference, asking a better quality question, gives a much better quality answer, a more empowering answer.

Give it a go in your own life.. switch from asking Why, to What or How instead and see how things change.

Till next time…

H x

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