Making Room for Something New

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

If you’re wanting to make some changes in your life a good place to start is to see if you have room for the changes. Yep, that’s right room… It’s ok, don't panic, I’m not meaning you have to make up the spare boxroom down the hall!

Over the years I’ve noticed that when I’ve wanted to make a change in my life it’s been at times a bit of a battle and at best an uphill struggle and I could never understand why.

And as you can probably guess by now, as soon as I recognised the pattern it got me thinking.

“Why is it that I want to make a change but something is stopping me?” I felt as though I would constantly get pulled back.

I would start a new meditating habit and each morning as I sat in the peace and quiet of my office the neighbour would start to hoover, or someone’s house alarm would go off.

I’d start a new healthy eating routine but then run out of time to get to the shops for healthy options and end up having a take-away.

What was going on? More importantly what was going wrong?

After much contemplation I came to the understanding that in order to have something new in our lives we have to make room for it, ie we had to release something else.

The universe loves a vacuum and as soon as a space appears it gets filled… so if you imagine your life as already filled to capacity with no room for anything new.. it makes sense that something needs to go.

In my case it wasn’t anything tangible as such, it was more a case of releasing outdated beliefs.

My belief that the world had to be totally peaceful and quiet while I was meditating, the belief that one takeaway would ruin completely a new healthy eating pattern.

I realised that while I still held these old beliefs the old patterns would continue to steer my life but as soon as I released these old beliefs, I could let in new ones that would guide my life in the direction I wanted.

Instead of needing the whole world, (ok, the whole street to be quiet while I was meditating), I embraced the new belief that no matter what the external situation I could still sit peaceful and mindful and enjoy the experience of meditation, no matter what.

I threw out the belief that a takeaway would ruin the whole new healthy eating habit and embraced a new way of planning my meals ahead.

By releasing the old beliefs and habits that I had, making the changes in my life became so much easier.

So, what changes are you ready to make and how can you make room for them?

Till next time…

H x

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