The Wisdom of Uncertainty

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

We avoid it, we don’t like it and we sometimes fear it but the question is …

Can feeling uncertain ever be a good thing?

Firstly lets look at what it really means to feel certain…

Certainty usually means that life is trotting along in a predictable pattern. We know what we want and the things that we don’t want that could be seen as unpredictable are planned for, in advance, as much as possible so as not to be too unpredictable if/when they happen.

Is this a good thing?

Well, I guess it could be in some ways, it certainly makes the ego feels secure, the ego being the part of us that likes things to be a certain way so as to protect us from harm; so it knows where life is heading.


What if I told you that it’s possible to feel secure even if you are uncertain about the future.

“Heck ..what’s she talking about now?” I hear you cry.

Lets look at what it means to feel uncertain…

Uncertainty means that you have no idea when, how, or where things are going to happen, sounds scary eh! But in the act of feeling uncertain it actually opens you up to more possibilities, more options, in fact let’s go as far to say it opens you up to unlimited possibilities.

How is this possible?

When we try to make life certain what we are doing is drawing upon our minds knowledge of how things have worked out ok for us in the past and also how they have worked out at times not so ok in the past.

We look at the ok times and by creating certainty we try to make the future follow the same patterns that were ok, so that ultimately we feel ok in the future too.

I can see why this would seem a great idea, I’ve done this too, it’s human nature not to want surprise situations to pop up, however, by doing this we are limiting the amount of opportunities for things to work out even better for us.

Remember: There is unlimited potential and an unlimited way for our dreams, hopes, desires and goals to unfold for us, but when we limit ourselves to the way that they can unfold by sticking to the tried and tested, we are missing opportunities for growth, happiness, expansion and for things to potentially work out even better.

What we are talking about here can also be described and the Spiritual Law of Attachment

When you are attached to a certain outcome you are limiting the way that the outcome can manifest, because your mind (ego) has it’s pre planned way that things should work out.

However, when we completely detach from the outcome, ie Hold just the intention of what we want, but then let go of the ‘How’ part of how this will manifest in your life, you are then setting in motion a very powerful Spiritual Law.

Yes, not knowing can be scary, but if you hold true to the intention of what you desire and take inspired action steps each day all the while allowing the universe to work it’s magic for you in the form of synchronicitys and insights, the journey towards your desires has more of a sense of ease.

When you are planning and pushing and trying to ‘force’ what you want to happen, how you want life to be, the struggle in itself can cause the very thing you want to stay further away from you.

We’ve all done it. We need a certain thing to happen in or appear in our lives and the more we focus on not having it and wanting it the more illusive that thing seems to be and the more frustrated we get so we try even harder to make it appear.

When you know and trust that what you want also wants you, you become more in flow, you are following the path of least resistance and will have an inner more peaceful knowing that when the time is right, that which you desire will indeed appear for you.

You are then entering into the wisdom of uncertainty which gives us freedom from the past and it’s conditioning, and which allows infinite amounts of possibilities for what you desire to be presented to you, you are dancing with the universe.

Rhumba anyone!

Till next time…

H x

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