Vegetable and Lentil Soup

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I've been a Vegetarian since age 11 and what I've learnt (the hard way) is that without the right fuel, ie vitamins and minerals, your body won’t be able to perform at its peak and you may feel tired and grumpy. For example, If you think of a car,.. when you put the wrong fuel in, unleaded instead of diesel it just won’t go, and the car breaks down. We don’t want that to happen to your body so here are some super foods that I’ve found to be great to include in your diet along with a quick easy recipe that incorporates some of them. Start using these foods on a daily basis and your energy could sky rocket! Here’s my list of super foods some of which you’ll find in the recipe and I’ve even given the WHY behind why I love these foods so much: Lentils – Increase energy, good source of Fibre and Magnesium Garlic – Helps lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Enhance Immune System Broccoli – Anti –inflammatory, Antioxidant, Vit C Turmeric – Great for warding off low moods Olive Oil - Helps to keep the Heart Young Almonds – Vitamin E Quinoa – Contains all the essential Amino acids – Great for vegetarians Red Berries – Rich in Vitamin C Avocado – Vitamin E Walnuts – Omega 3 Tomatoes - Vitamin C Eggs – Vit D and B12

The Why's ...


  • Regulation of blood sugar levels

  • Relaxation of blood vessels

  • Promotion of proper bowel function

Vit C

  • Quickens the body's ability to repair wounds

  • Help’s protect your body from infection

  • Helps to reduce the physical signs of aging

Vit D

  • Helps to improve muscle function

  • Helps maintenance of bone density

  • Helps to boost immunity

Vit B12

  • Helps alleviate depression

  • Essential for healthy skin, nails and hair

  • Keeps nerves and blood cells healthy

Vit E

  • Helps promote healthy skin

  • Helps with hormonal balance

  • Helps with good immune funtion

Amino Acids

  • Essential for repairing tissue

  • Play a key role in the transport and storage of nutrients

  • Help the body grow

Omega 3

  • Help to lower the risk of heart disease

  • Help with Depression

  • Helps ease Joint pain

Lentil and Vegetable Soup Recipe Ingredients: 1 large mug of red lentils 2 cloves of garlic (chopped) 2 small onions (chopped) 1 small Head of Broccoli – Cut into small florets 2-3 Carrotts (chopped) 2-3 Sweet Potatoes (chopped) 1 Large tomatoes (skin taken off and chopped) or 1/2 tin of chopped toms 1-2 Veg Stock cubes (season to your own personal taste) A glug of olive oil You will need:

A hand blender A large pan Method:

To make this quick and easy soup just add all the ingredients into a big pan and cover with water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 30-40 mins. Keep an eye on the consistency and if it starts to get too thick, just add more water. When cooked and the lentils are soft, take off the heat and blend. Hey Presto! You have a delicious healthy soup.. Soupa-lishious,

Till next time...

H x Disclaimer: I have studied extensively and received a Diploma in Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition, however, I am not a doctor. I'm just sharing these foods here as a guide. Please always consult a doctor before undertaking any long term changes in your diet.

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