Early Morning Magic

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Don’t you just love it? The birds singing outside, the sun streaming through your windows…

I’m sat in my office now as I type this and I’m so happy and grateful for the early morning magic.

I have to admit I was never one for early mornings, I struggled when the alarm went off, and then when I did crawl out of bed I’d be a tad grumpy for the first hour to say the least.

But I tried something new, I challenged myself to a new routine, early starts and early finishes instead of working till the wee hours in a morning.

I started to get up at 8am, then 7.30, 6.30 and this morning 5.30am.. Yes it’s Summer so the morning are light and in Winter I’m sure I’ll be having to give myself a push, but hey Summer is here and it is B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l .. it really is.

It’s only 8am now and I’ve gotten 2 good solid hours of work done, I haven’t been interrupted once, it’s peaceful and I have the birds to listen to while I work, what more could a girl want.

On reflection getting up early really has improved my productivity, I seem to be more focused and able to get through my day and scheduled tasks much quicker, and then, I’ve got the rest of the day to catch up on the not so urgent tasks, if I wish.

"I challenged myself to a new routine"

Not only that I’ve been hitting the sack much earlier and getting off to sleep much quicker. Considering I thought I was a night owl.. how wrong could I have been.

I writing this because many people I’ve spoken to over the years have said how being an early riser helped them with productivity, mental focus and well-being and for me it seems to be true – early morning magic indeed!

So my challenge this week is… DO you think you could get up early? Have you work to do that you just can’t seem to face on an evening.. ?

Try getting all the important work done first thing, it’s out the way and you can relax into your day. And here’s another bonus, when you’re relaxed, and not worrying intuition flows and creativity pops up to say hello.. win/win… oh I do love those win/wins…

Till next time …

H x

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