The Spiders Web and Fooling Myself

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I saw the picture of the spiders web, how pretty it looked, how intricate, and then I looked at it after the spider had had caffeine… What a difference, and the implications of it shook me to the core. This was a few years ago now, and I resolved immediately to ditch the caffeine.

My routine was a good one at the time, or so I thought, it would go something like this…

A strong black coffee, or two, in the morning, just to get me going, and then a large glass of red wine or two or three, in an evening just to relax.

Hmm... I was fooling myself.

I knew in my heart of hearts that it wasn’t a good routine at all, but back then, my day was inflexible, I had to get up at 6am no matter what, I had buses to catch for work it was as simple as that.

On a night time I would get in around 8pm tired but still wired not only from the coffee I had consumed in the morning but the coffee I had also consumed during the day, so a glass of red on an evening became the norm, and after all according to experts red wine has antioxidants in it right!

Fast forward a few years and the wine intake has slowed (age I guess lol), but the coffee consumption had risen dramatically and the effects were taking it’s toll on my health.

I was still wired but tired on an evening and couldn’t sleep. Waking up feeling like a zombie and having to get through the day, how was I getting through the day? … With more coffee of course!

Hmm… it was time.

I’m a great believer that 'Life Gives You Signs'.

Every day for 7 days straight I bumped into a spider. In the bathroom, in the bedroom (the ones that come in the bedroom always seem to hang right over your bed as you're trying to sleep don’t they?), one in the kitchen, etc etc.

I also walked into a spiders web and turned into a martial arts expert overnight (well, not quite, but it must have looked like it) as I tried to get it off my head!

Anyway, I got the message loud and clear, time to have another look at that picture and remind myself why I wanted to ditch coffee in the first place.

Fast forward a few months…

It’s taken a while because I thought I would try the softly, softly approach but to be honest if I was to do it again, I would just rip the plaster off. I substituted coffee for tea.. and boy o boy was I drinking a lot of tea to compensate, because if you’re not aware, when you come off caffeine, the headaches are pretty bad, it’s like having a vice attached to your head.

Anyhoo, I switched the coffee for tea but as my tea intake became more realisted, 8 cups a day instead of the 20 or so to make up for the caffeine loss in coffee, the headaches struck.

To be fair they only lasted a couple of days, so why o why I didn’t just grab the bull by the horns I don’t know, but I guess coffee had become a lifelong companion and I thought that ditching coffee at the big bus stop of life would hurt for much longer and be more intense that it actually was.

It’s over now!

Me and coffee have officially parted ways, I’m not on social media but our relationship was that intense that if I had been on there I probably would have changed my status to ‘separated’.

Anyhoo, here’s the results.

I feel happier, calmer, more centred. I feel as though I can think clearer, My intuition is stronger, my dreams more vivid. Inspiration seems to come so much easier.

I can problem solve easier, solutions just seem to drop into my mind. My skin looks healthier and I feel more in control of my life rather than having my old friend caffeine constantly poking at me telling me ‘its coffee time’.

Being a Yorkshire Girl at heart, you can probably guess my favourite brand of tea, and yes it does have caffeine in it still, although not as much as my old friend coffee, and my transition now and the last leg of the journey for me is onto Rooibos Tea, I love it. It’s calming, soothing and refreshing.

So my old routine as much as it was a part of me as I was of it, has now changed, and it’s lemon water in the mornings, tea during the day (soon to be switched over completely to herbal/rooibos) and then rooibos on the evening.

Interestingly enough, because I’m not drinking so much caffeine during the day I don’t find it hard to get to sleep at all, and when I wake up in the mornings I feel completely refreshed.

Now when I see a spider, or walk into a spiders web, I smile and simply say thank you!

Till next time...

H x

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