'They' Did It To Me!

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

When life seems to go wrong and what we want doesn’t happen, or even when what we don’t want does happen, it’s easy to point the finger of blame at the person or company, or professional body, or family member, or friend etc, that seems to be causing life to go wrong for you.

"They did it to me!"

But what if that person, family member etc was just the tool that the universe was using to deliver the news, change the situation (or, insert whatever is going on in your life at the moment that you don’t like) in order to get things moving for you… to get the energy shifting and to help move you to a better place, better situation, better home, better way of thinking, just think about that for a moment.

Instead of pointing the finger of blame you could then thank them, be grateful, be happy, joyful even!

What an energy shift that would create just in itself, and how powerful that would be to help you in your life, on your path. Because, when your energy is vibrating at a high level and you are experiencing high emotions, such as joy, love, laughter, excitement… guess what? Law of attraction kicks in to give you more.

Whereas when you are experiencing emotions such as hate, anger, frustration and sadness, equally, you will receive more situations that make you feel those emotions.

So, when life seems to give you the things you don’t want, or seems to take away the things you do want… stop… take a moment.. and just know, that yes, in the moment it may seem as though life is a mess, not going how you want and causing you issues, but realise from a spiritual perspective in order to have something better in your life you have to let go of what isn't right for you.

And those people that you think are doing it to you are in fact helping you without even knowing it… WOW!

Now there’s a powerful mind shift for you!

Till next time ...

H x

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