Updated: Apr 8, 2020

11:11 – Oh my that number!

It can definitely get your attention and if you’ve been on the receiving end of having 11:11 show up in your life you’ll know exactly what I mean.

It started to appear for me many years ago, more years back than I care to remember, and when I first saw it blinking away at me on the bedside clock I didn’t give it too much thought.

As time passed, it seemed to follow me around. For example till receipts £11.11, clocks 11:11, morning and evening regular as clockwork and then nothing, and all would be quiet.

After some time it would appear again as if by magic taunting me to notice it!

I first put it down to coincidence but over time I became intrigued, curious in fact about this seemingly persistent little number… so I googled it!

My first thought was "Phew, It’s not just me!". It turned out that thousands and thousands of other people were seeing it too.

But what did it mean?

Some people were saying make a wish when you see it, which sounded rather good.

Others were saying it’s an angelic wake-up call, a pre-arranged sign for Light Workers & Healers to step into their power.

Hmm that sounded good too.

It made sense to me, but then recently I’ve been noticing that my 11:11 friend will turn up and show itself in my life at specific times, points in my life where my beliefs are being challenged, mainly by me!

I noticed a pattern, and I’m all about patterns.

I would see 11:11 in the morning and then during the day an old belief that I took for granted and which I allowed to just steer my life unquestioned would somehow come under the spot light and then be released.

Each time this happened my energy shifted and I felt lighter, calmer and happier.

I now smile when I see 11:11 it’s one of many numbers that visits me, there’s also 22:22, 33:33, 222, 333.

When I see these numbers I just know that whatever the day brings I will feel different by the end of it and that there’ll be either a shift in perspective about something or I will release another outdated belief.

What about you, what numbers show up in your life?

Have you seen 11:11 and what happens for you when it appears?

Till next time


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