How To Harness The Energy Of Libra Season

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Libra season is all about balance and we can see that clearly with the astrological symbols of the scales.

So with that in mind, what a great time of year to do a little introspection and to see how your inner and outer world is progressing and more importantly how balanced it is.

Are you getting enough down time, are you eating healthily and getting enough sleep. Or are you burning the candle at both ends and starting to become a little frazzled?

Libra’s message to you this month is one of bringing back the balance. So if you know you have been overdoing something at the expense of something else then this would be a great time to redress that balance because you have the energy from the heavens supporting you.

So first of all take a look at your outer world which incorporates friends, family, and work colleagues, and take a look at who is adding to your life and who is taking away, on an energy level. Who/What is it that leaves you feeling drained and tired? It’s time to look at these areas and pull back.

It’s really worth taking some time to think about this.

Remember that Libra is an air sign so it really will help you in trying to sort through things in your mind and figure things out.

Libra season gives us a great opportunity to really take stock of our lives and create balance.

If you think of it we are coming into the Autumn season where the leaves fall away from the tree’s. What better symbol than that for letting go of the things that don’t serve you and allowing them to fall from your life too!

If you can look at Libra season in this way it will really help you.

The thing to notice as well is that Libra is an air sign so this isn’t a time for lots of emotion, it brings more of a cool logical thinking energy to your life as well as any decision making.

Because the energy of Libra is all about being in balance this is a great time to get practical with things that are bothering you and to take the action steps needed

As you go through the years it’s human nature to accumulate things, and what Libra season does is gives us a chance to take stock, and then release.

It helps us do this with a cool head and logic rather than from an emotional perspective and this really serves us well. So give it a whirl this Libra season, look at what can be released from you life in order to make room for something that is better and right for you.

By doing this you should feel energetically lighter, a balance will re-enter your life and you will feel grounded and ready for the shift in energy that is Scorpio Season!

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