Being Congruent

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

A definition of congruence is ‘Harmony’ and when I talk about congruence what I’m generally referring to is the inner self being congruent with the outer self. Or, put another way, what we are thinking and feeling internally is in direct harmony with what we are doing externally.

An example of not being congruent could be when someone is doing a job that is not in alignment to what they believe to be right. They feel they are doing something that isn’t congruent with their values in life.

This happened to me when I was working in the Bank many years ago the work I was doing and the way I was told I had to do it, (Sales) wasn’t congruent with who I was as a person, and it certainly wasn’t congruent with my values in life.

When there is no congruency in life, it can drastically affect your energy and your vibration lowers, simply because you are going into emotional states that you could hardly class and joy, love or happiness!

So what to do when an area of your life isn’t congruent with who you are as a person?

Well, the first step is to identify it, and the way we identify things that aren’t right for us is through our feelings, if you are feeling a certain amount of resistance to doing something then the feeling is worth exploring because feelings are our guidance system, they help us identify much quicker than the brain if something is right or wrong for us.

If you are feeling a certain amount of resistance to something you are doing, check in specifically with what it is you are resistant to, are you having to ‘sell’ things to customers that you feel won’t really benefit the customer?

Are you not being treated at work with respect, are you having to do things that just don’t fit with your idea of helping people, being of service etc.

Once you have identified what is is that is causing the resistance the next step is to figure out what the opposite of that would look like.

So for example, if like I was you are having to ‘sell’ something to a customer that you really don’t think would be of benefit just to hit your sales targets what would the opposite of that be for you?

In it’s simplest form the opposite could be moving into a work area were you are selling something you do feel would be of value and help to the customer. It may even be a case of not selling anything at all, but instead offering a service/product and allowing the customer to decide if it's right for them or not without all the heavy sales tactics.

Whatever the opposite looks like for you , It’s really worth sitting down with this and taking the time to think about it, because once that feeling of resistance comes up, it’s the universes’ way of drawing your attention to an area of life that needs to change.

As with all changes, they may not happened over night, but with a little insight, some thought and an action plan, you can start to make changes in your life that take you nearer to being congruent with who you are as a person and more in alignment with your values in life.

Once you do this your energy will jump to a higher vibration of joy, laughter and love, you’ll be resonating at a higher frequency and this in turn will affect, in good ways, all areas of your life Win/Win

If you need any help with patterns of resistance in your life, head over to my coaching page and answer the 5 questions, it may be something I can help you with.

Till next time…


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