Change Comes From The Inside Out

Over the years I’ve studied many modalities to help people heal themselves and their lives, such as Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Colour Therapy, and then the not so obvious ones, like Numerology, Tarot and many others besides.

What all these modalities (that access the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of a person) have in common is that they work from the outside in.

Outside in, what’s that? … Ok, so let me explain.

When a person has a Tarot reading for example, all they have to do is rock up and for the most part listen to the Tarot Reader. They can receive information that may help them on their Spiritual quest, help them to raise their vibration and improve their lives and well-being.

The same with the Healing Modalities. So for example Reiki, Reflexology and Colour Therapy, these can help shift energy and identify blockages in the person. Again, all the client would have to do is to rock up at the therapist’s place of work and ‘receive’ the energy healing.

So, that’s the outside in method.

The thing is once the Tarot Reading is over, or once the Healing session is over, if the client doesn’t, A) Take action on the information or B) Make changes to their lifestyle in order to help maintain the new level of energy they will find themselves back for a reading or a therapy session in a few weeks or so, ie nothing much will have changed for them.

I’ve always felt that true change comes from within rather than without and because of this I’ve often found myself in a constant battle with myself.

On the one hand I can see value in providing these services but for me I wanted to do more to help my client, I wanted to help facilitate the healing change they were looking for from the inside out rather than the outside in.

Yes, it meant that the client would have to take ‘action’ themselves rather than being a passive participant in the process by just ‘receiving ‘ and yes it meant that perhaps I wouldn’t have ‘regular’ clients coming back to me time and time again because there wouldn’t be the need for them to keep coming back, but for me the pay off was that I would feel as though I was really making a difference to that persons life.

So what is the difference?

The difference is empowerment.

The client could feel more empowered just knowing that they didn’t have to rely on someone else to lift them up, to raise their energy or to help them feel better, they could do it themselves.

By learning more about themselves, the Spiritual and hidden side of life and what they could do on a daily basis to change habits that just plain and simply weren’t working for them would help them to create longer lasting changes in their life.

By looking at their lives from a more Spiritual perspective they could set the foundations in place for Emotional/Mental Balance, Physical Health and Well-being, and connection to Spirit/Source/The Universe.

What I’ve found on my own journey is that once you have the Structure and Foundations in place, you don’t have the need to rely on someone else. You become your own person, your energy changes, your vibration raises and your confidence grows in your own ability to live your life in your way, keeping your pathways forwards open, clear and positive.

Decision making becomes easier. The people that come into your life are on the same wavelength and life becomes more joyful.

Then, if you want to have a therapy session, you are doing so in addition to your own personal practices because you want to and not because you feel there is no other way and your have to which is a totally different energy and vibration.

So, if you’re ready to build the foundations for a more empowered life, and look at the circumstances of your life from a more spiritual perspective then Contact Me to book your Spiritual Coaching Session.

Till Next Time,


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