Know The Truth By The Way It Feels

Updated: Apr 22

Do you remember that time when you had a strange feeling about someone but ignored it and then a few months later that same person did something that made you think “Geez, why did I ignore my feelings, the rat!”

We all have them, those subtle feelings, and we can sense those tell tale signs about people, places and situations and yet we often choose to ignore them.

Why is that?

Well for the most part it’s because we are taught that they are ‘just’ feelings, something not to be taken seriously, something perhaps that we have too much of… as in, “Your soooo emotional”… or perhaps you’ve been told “You’re over-reacting”, People in the past may have tried to make you feel ashamed of your depth of emotions,


I’m here to tell you that those emotions are your best defence.

If you cultivate them, nurture them, trust them and develop them, you will find that you begin to avoid much of the unnecessary pain in life that we often go through because we ignore those self same feelings.

Everything is energy, it’s just vibrating at different rates, you are made up of energy and so am I. The tree’s are, the birds are…

Everything is made of energy!

So what that means is it will give off a feeling, and if you become adept at tuning into your feelings instead of discounting them and ignoring them, you will soon be able to figure out what someone’s intention is towards you, how they feel about you , what their underlying emotions are and if they’re lying to you.

Yes, you! You can do this, it’s not just for the chosen few, we all have feelings but from a young age we are taught to develop our rational, logical minds instead through the school system rather than develop the intuitive sides of our brains. Usually by the age of 7-8 the left side of the brain, the analytical side takes more control. It’s interesting that children who have imaginary friends when they are younger also tend to stop talking about them at the ages of 7-8 just as the left side brain starts to develop.

So developing your right side of the brain again, tuning into it, tapping into it whatever you want to call it is a good thing.

For those of you already adept at this, the challenge can be to control the emotions and not let them run away with you, especially if you sense and feel EVERYTHING.

A tip with this would be to limit sugar, alcohol, and caffeine, I’ve found that these stimulants can also overstimulate the emotions and heightened them to a much greater degree. So if you are wanting to feel things a little less, then try limiting those things in your life for at least a month and you will see a positive change.

For now, try tapping into your emotions more, re-connect with the part of you that wants to help, it wants to be heard, and it is ready to be developed so that it can help guide you to your greatest expression of self, and best life!

Till next time…


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