Overthinking can be quite stressful.

More often that not it happens when we can’t make up our minds about something, don’t understand something, or didn’t say something we wished we had said, although I’m pretty sure there are many other examples of where we overthink in our lives and the circumstances that cause it.

We all do it, and the result usually is that after a period of overthinking often using up hours or days we are no further forward in our lives, decisions or actions than we were before the overthinking started.


Because thinking is a process that the mind does.

If you think of your mind a bit like a computer, it can only give you answers to things if the answers are already in the mind in some way, or even the pieces of the answer are in the mind in some way so that it can perform the function of 2 +2 = 4.

The challenge though is that often times the mind puts 2+2 together and comes up with a potato!

The thing to remember is that the mind doesn't have ALL the answers to EVERYTHING, how could it, unless we ourselves already know the answers to everything which we don't.

If you think about it for a second you’ll know what I mean, we can agonise over something for days, weeks, months even, but usually, in the end the answer comes not from the thinking but from some random synchronistic event totally unrelated that gives us some kind of insight, clarity or a different perspective on how to move forward.

The purpose of this post?

Well, it’s to notice when you mind starts to play that trick on you and trying to get you into thinking that it has all the answers… it really doesn’t!

Once you notice yourself going into the mind space, acknowledge it and then hand over the issue that you were just about to overthink on for hours on end to the universe, a higher power, your higher self perhaps if that’s what you feel comfortable calling it because this is the part of you that DOES have all the answers and watch how stress and anxiousness leaves your life, not to mention the time you will save doing this and then watch for the answers to come like magic when you start to relax.

So just for ease I’ll put this into some steps.

1) Notice the pattern of overthinking

2) Acknowledge it

3) Know what you would like to figure out or would like help with

4) Set the intention that you are open to receiving some insight, ideas, aha moments from the universe

5) Let go of the overthinking, give the mind a rest and go and do something else instead, something more enjoyable.

6) Allow the answer to come to you at the right time in the right way.

7) Smile, know this is happening for you

I really hope these steps help you to move away from the stress of overthinking and into a more peaceful way of being.

Till next time…



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