The Games People Play

Some people like to play games…

They like to mess with other peoples peace of mind and serenity and most often the way they do this is by playing mind games. I’ll give you a couple of examples of how this can play out:

1) Withholding information

2) Changing the rules of the games without warning

3) Not giving answers to simple questions to keep you guessing and out of balance.

These are just a couple of ways that these games can be played but, there are many more...

When someone is having thoughts on a regular basis of anger, jealousy, even sadness, hopelessness, and victimhood, their energy will start to vibrate on a low level.

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying these people are bad people after all we're all human and go through moments of low mood which effects our vibration. What I'm talking about here is when the person who is feeling low doesn't take personal responsibility and consequently doesn't take action to try and change it.

What can happen next is that someone else will come along who is happy within themselves, vibrating high with lots of energy and joi de vivre and the low energy types will latch on.

This can happen subtly at first, and they may not even do it consciously but they will latch on nevertheless. This can manifest in ways such as calling every day and perhaps wanting to be around you all the time. You'll start to notice that as time goes on your energy will drop, you will start to feel tired, you may even take on some of their traits and find yourself getting angry more often than you used to, or feeling sad for no reason.

When you try to distance yourself from the person who’s dragging you down, this can be when the games start, because they will feel it on an energetic level and will want to stop you from leaving their game!

But what if

You decided not to play. After all, a game is only a game if two people are playing right!

Most power plays are about energy, whether the person who's feeling low and playing the game is aware of this fact or not. Most aren’t aware of it because to be playing the game in the first place and not tending to their own energy they are what I would call in a deep state of sleep, not awakened, not remotely spiritual and deep in the grasp and control of the ego. Usually pointing the finger of blame at everyone else and blaming others for their misfortunes.

Why would you mess with someone like that?

If you've worked with me in the past you’ll know my opinion on this, run, as fast as your little legs will carry you, away from this person and their games because unless they change and see the error of their ways it will continue. As you continue to take part in their game you will lose more and more energy, because you can’t fight this type of person without expending an awful lot of energy yourself.

Why is that?

Well for a start if we look at energy and how it flows, for someone to be playing a game of control, they are coming from the ego, the ego tends to sit in a lower vibration so you will first have to lower your own vibration just to even get on the same wavelength as them, then, to retaliate and challenge them it will take even more energy.

Honestly, it’s not worth it.

With this type of person you will never win, simply because many will even lie to protect their point of view. The best course of action is to stop playing their game, declare yourself out, and start running in the opposite direction.

You will find that the quicker you do this the quicker your peace of mind returns too.

After a while you will get very adept at this, most people carry an 'energetic signature' so if you come into contact with someone else who likes to play games you will sense it immediately and be able to get your trainers on quick sharp.

What you will find is that as soon as you start distancing yourself from the energy drains in your life, your own vibration will raise and you will start to attract people into your life on the same wavelength and the trainers won't need to be worn as often

So if you find yourself with someone (even if it’s a partner, friend, or family member) and you start to feel bad when you are around them, it’s time to jump ship and leave that situation. Detach from them, realise that it’s not you, and run in the opposite direction.

Sometimes this isn't easy especially if it's a family member but what you can do instead is limit contact and when you feel you are getting pulled into a mind game, quickly make your excuses and leave/get off the phone.

What you're doing is taking back your Power & Energy!

Till next time...

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