What Does Detaching From An Outcome Mean?

Okay, so you may have had situations in the past were someone has said to you that you need to detach from an outcome and let it go!

You've scratched your head and thought eh! what?

This may have happened when you've wanted something so much, so badly, that you can’t see past it. It's all you can focus on and think about and yet nothing changes.

The reason for that comes down to my favourite subject energy! The energy of the situation gets stuck. Because we are so attached to it and also in an energetic state of wanting we end up holding on too tight and don’t allow for any movement.

Often it’s because we think that if we ‘let go’ then we will lose what it is that we want, so we hold on, really tight. An example would be when you hold onto a bar of wet soap really tightly and it just slips out of your fingers, this is what can happened to those situations in our lives that we really want to manifest, it just slips from our grasp and we never seem to get the things we desire.

So hence the phrase “You need to detach”

What detaching means is to let go of it, don’t hold on so tightly, stop focusing so heavily on it analysing it, worrying about it and obsessing about it to the point that even the tiniest little thing that isn’t going the way we think it should be going will ruin everything.

Instead, the spiritual way is to just trust, have faith that all things will manifest in their own time and Just... Let... Go…

Oh, I know it's easier said then done especially when the old fear creeps in and the what ifs!

What if I let go, and I lose it? What if I let go and someone beats me to it? What if I let go and it’s gone forever? What if I let go and I lose momentum?… All of these are normal reactions and thoughts, but they will also keep you stuck and dis-empowered.

The best thing really to do in situations where there is no movement is to just let go…

When you let go, something magical happens, things breath, situations relax, you relax, and as you relax your vibration rises again. Instead of being held down in the heaviness of fear and panic, you change into ease and flow, and this naturally changes your outer world into ease and flow which means that what is meant for you will easily find you and consequently flow into your life effortlessly…

Letting go, or detaching from an outcome is such a simple shift to do but it can also present the biggest challenges for most people because on some level we are hard wired into thinking that the more we hang on and push and strive and ‘do’, the more we will get what we want, but as you now know, this is simply not the case…

So, what have you been hanging on to?

More importantly what can you now detach from to allow into your life. … ?

Till next time…



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