Ten of Wands 

Your Kitty thinks you are very brave.


Kitty says that you have endured a lot in a short space of time and yet you are still putting once foot in front of the other. Your kitty is so proud of you and loves you very much.


He/she is always there for you and ready to give you lots of cuddles and love. Kitty wants you to know that the worst is over, and the weight that you've been carrying will soon be lifted, and life will start to feel much lighter and brighter. 


Your kitty thinks that you are kind hearted, generous and you always help a friend in need. 


The  message from your kitty today is to remember that you need to take care of you too, your kitty would love to see you schedule in some 'you' time just so that you can relax now and then. Kitty says that he/she is happy to sit with you, so that you can both relax together.

Lots of Meowws and Purrrsss

Your Kitty x

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