Three of Cups

Your Kitty thinks you are wonderful, sociable and fun to be around. 

Your kitty wants you to know that he/she knows that sometimes you talk to other cats in the street and that's ok. But he/she wants you to know that he/she loves you very much and that you are the best cat mommy/daddy in the whole wide world. 

Your kitty's message to you today, is to always try to make time for fun. Kitty thinks life is too short not to connect with the people that you love and if you've been putting off speaking to someone, it may be time to reach out to them.

Your kitty is sociable too but likes it the best when it's just the two of you spending quality time together.


He/She says you can always talk to him/her about anything you want, he/she will always listen and be there for you. 


Lots of Meowws and Purrrsss


Your Kitty x  

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