My Story


I wanted to be a hairdresser...


Instead, I ended up in what was at that time considered to be a ‘safe job’ working in a bank.


To some people that wouldn’t sound so bad, but with hindsight and now knowing what I know about myself, it was probably one of the worst things I could've done!


How it happened is a whole other post in itself, but the basis of it was, I was 16, I wanted to go to this gig, and I'd promised my parent’s I’d go to the interview for the job in a bank if I could go to the gig…

...Who knew I’d actually get the job?!


I do believe however, that everything happens for a reason. Because of that one career move, I’ve seen myself go through some major highs and lows, and then come out the other side, a little older, (ok, well, a lot older!), a little wiser, and armed with the many tools that I can now share through video’s, blog posts and one to one’s with my clients. So in that respect, it was a good thing, but it took me a good many years to get where I am now; on track with my career and life purpose with integrity and peace of mind.


I settled in to the bank work but where it became tricky for me was when I felt my values were being compromised, although at the time I didn’t realise that this was the pain I was feeling.


The way the banks operated changed, and the shift for me was quite palpable, it moved from what I would call true service to what the Banks in those days called ‘Sales’.


It became all about how much we could ‘sell’ to the customer. We had 'sales targets', and looking back that was the point where a part of me died. 


I went on the courses, I learned to sell, and, like the others I could and did sell, but it felt inauthentic.


I remember saying “But surely if the customers want it they will just buy it themselves”… but apparently the customers, we were told, weren’t able to decide what was right for them by themselves and our job was to 'help' them understand.


I went on a downward spiral and my energy became incredibly low. 


"With each sale I made to the customer I felt as though I was selling a piece of my soul". 


Fast forward a few years and I was made redundant. 

I went on new courses, more aligned with who I was as a person, Psychology & Spiritual Development, understanding Numerology & Universal Laws, learning Reiki, Tarot, Mediumship, Coaching, and on and on…


Learning more and more about myself, my mindset the subconscious, and how to change my old outdated beliefs. 


With each year that passed I was delving more and more into my spiritual side, and I was gradually beginning to understand the patterns in my life and uncover the limiting beliefs that I'd been holding on to. 


Slowly, bit by bit I put my life back together, and got back on track.


I'd been given my grandmothers Tarot Cards (see pic below) many years before, so instead of doing readings for just friends and family, I began to work for myself giving Tarot Readings professionally helping people and guiding them with their lives. 

It felt authentic. It felt right.

​It was in line with my true values of service and my life changed. I became happier, more content and much healthier.


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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate" – Carl Jung


As my own personal development progressed I stopped giving private Tarot Readings and went on to coach clients by looking at their lives from a Spiritual perspective and helping to guide them through their own limiting beliefs and challenges which is the work I do today, and love it!

Looking back, I wonder, had I not been made redundant would that ‘safe job’ have killed me in the end!


Who knows. I like to think that I would’ve had the courage to just leave at some point, but being made redundant certainly gave me the helping hand I so desperately needed at that time.


I choose to believe that everything I went through was the training I needed to become the person I am today. 


It means I can now spend my time doing what I love which is using all the tools I have gathered over the last 25 years to help 'Consciously Awakened' Sensitives and Empaths who have lost their mojo and feel stuck. 


If you're ready to 'Raise Your Vibration', release yourself from the pain of Limiting Beliefs and reconnect to who you truly are as a woman then you're in the right place!


The result is that you can live life on your terms, in your own way, doing what you love and manifesting more of what you desire much quicker than I did without going though all the emotional pain, turmoil and heartbreak on your own.



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